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Why Manuka Honey?

Manuka Honey vs Standard honey.

Most standard Honeys antibacterial effects come from a naturally occurring peroxide effect. Once the honey is consumed or applied to wounds the antibacterial effect is nearly all destroyed or lost.

Manuka honey has a naturally occurring antibacterial Non peroxide activity (NPA). Once consumed the antibacterial effects of Manuka nearly stay in full strength.  Meaning littles antibacterial properties are lost once consumed or applied to wounds.

What is Manuka Honey?

Bees make this from the nectar of a Manuka Tree (leptospermum scoparium). Bees collect the nectar turning it into honey which giving Manuka Honey its unique properties.

Markers that are tested for Manuka honey.

Mgo = Methogloxal this is one major chemical marker this determines the antibacterial activity in the honey.

DHA = Dihydroxyacetone as this ages the DHA converts into MGO increasing the Antimicrobial activity in the honey.

Leptospernin this helps indicate if the nectar came from the manuka tree.

What is UMF?

UMF is an abbreviated term which means Unique manuka factor. UMF levels range from 5+, 10+ 15+ and 20+.

Higher levels of UMF means higher concentration of the beneficial compounds Mgo, DHA, Leptospernin, and more markers.

Manuka Floral types

There are four chemicals markers from the nectar and one DNA from the pollen to determine floral type. Each floral type has specific requirements.

This is to allow the industry to separate Manuka honey from other types of honey and to better identify it as either, multifloral or monofloral Manuka. 

Mono floral is the highest grade of Manuka honey this is because the honey has been completely taken from the Manuka flower. 


Multi floral second highest grade of Manuka honey. The bees have taken nectar from a variation of sources of nectar or has been mixed with other honey types. But it will mainly contain nectar from Manuka flowers.

Manuka blend this is the lowest grade of Manuka honey. This means that majority of the nectar is a variety sources of nectar which lowers the concentration of Manuka.

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